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"He who knows others is learned.
He who knows himself is wise."
- Lao Tsu
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Acquiring and retaining the best talent requires a number of considerations. Today, companies must leverage skills and align the unique strengths of each person to grow the business. Success Insights assessments help you hire, develop and retain your valuable employee resource. By understanding behaviors, companies improve morale, increase productivity, and strengthen communication to build strong stakeholder relationships. Starting with a baseline of where you are today, assessments help you chart the course for where you want to be tomorrow. To get the very best from your team, we offer a strong inventory of assessments for professional and personal growth:

TTI Success Insights® Assessments:
DISC Success Insight Assessment It takes just 10 minutes to complete these on-line assessments. You receive full color feedback reports with insights ideal for new employee orientation, performance plans, retention strategies, team building, leadership development, coaching, motivation and conflict resolution.
Leadership Development and Talent Management
  • Management and Staff Profile (sample report)
    Defines unique behavior and guides the employee and manager in leveraging behavior for success. This tool can be used to hire the right person, get employees off to a fast start, revitalize current employees, improve communication and build sound employee-manager relationships.
  • Executive Profile (sample report)
    This profile gives business owners, CEO’s upper level managers and decision makers a number of opportunities for improvements in communication, driven by the work environment and coworkers’ needs. Executives will become more aware of how their behavior influences others’ reactions to them and either enhancing or inhibiting their success—and the success of others.
  • Interviewing Insights (sample report)
    Interviewing Insights is offered in general and sales options, assisting companies to quickly and successfully prepare for the interview process. Reports will target talent early in the hiring process and pave the way for second-level interviews and/or more in-depth assessments of specific capabilities.
  • Workplace Motivators (sample report)
    Highlights six different values that motivate an individual to take action. Identifying the values of individuals, teams and organizations reduces conflicts, increases talent retention, improves efficiency and productivity, and energizes any group working together toward common goals.
  • Workplace Behaviors (sample report)
    Designed to give an overview of how the job needs to be done, allowing your organization to find the best fit for a specific job. This assessment also allows you to reassess and evaluate a job's work statement so that an employee can be more successful in their role.
Sales and Team Building
  • Sales Profile (sample report)
    Takes crucial differences into account and provides information on an individual’s style of selling, offering insights on how to adapt a specific sales style to deliver what they want.
  • Sales Skills Index (sample report)
    An objective analysis of an individual's understanding of the strategies required to sell successfully in any sales environment. It essentially answers the question, "Can this person sell?" Selling has a body of knowledge related to its successful execution. It is this knowledge that the Sales Skills Index measures.
  • Customer Service Profile (sample report)
    Defines individual behavioral strengths and limitations, allowing staff to better understand how others see them and offers tools to improve customer interactions and build strategies for excellent customer service.
  • Team Building Profile (sample report)
    Identifies the strengths, value and effectiveness factors that an individual brings to the team and defines unique communication do’s and don’ts and perceptions of how a team member is viewed by the rest of the team.
  • Team Behavioral Profile (sample report)
    Combines team building results for the entire team and incorporates them into one report highlighting strengths, weaknesses, problem solving abilities, communication preferences and potential areas for conflict within each of the behavioral styles represented by the team.
Coaching and Personal Development
  • Career Planning Profile (sample report)
    Career Planning profile identifies your unique behavioral style and links it with your ideal job environment and talents to maximize your ability to succeed and achieve career satisfaction in a changing environment.
  • Behaviors and Motivators Profile (sample report)
    Provides insight to two distinct areas: workplace behaviors and motivators. Understanding strengths and weaknesses in both of these areas effectively impacts job performance, goal achievement and employee-manager relationships.
  • Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values - PIAV (sample report)
    The PIAV measures your responses across six core attitudes, comparing each to a recently validated national average. You are provided with information on the WHY of your actions which, with application, can positively impact your life.
  • Time Management P.L.U.S. (sample report)
    Effective use of time starts with an accurate self perception. Time Management P.L.U.S. identifies time wasters and measures how you see yourself and translates that information into how others may see you to assist in formulating strategies to better manage your time.
  • Communicating with Style (sample report)
    One's ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success and failure in our work or personal life. This profile provides you with information about your own communication style which can be readily shared with others to enhance communication.
Additional Assessments
  • Fit Series (sample report)
    The Fit series helps you find the best job fit by combining three valid assessments that have proven their effectiveness in the marketplace. The profile reveals behaviors people bring to the job, the values that motivate people to do a job and the task preference of each individual and provides a complete system for job and talent comparison.
  • Emotional Quotient Profile (sample report)
    The Emotional Quotient profile empowers individuals to understand their own emotional intelligence so they can avoid making high-risk decisions without understanding how their emotions are influencing their choice. Instead they can make educated, sound decisions with their head and their heart.
  • 360 Feedback Multi-rater Surveys
    360 surveys are customized to measure specifically what you need to know. 360 surveys uniquely allow organizations to be in touch with customer demands, providing valuable feedback regarding the effectiveness of performance. Three options of 360 assessments are available to survey the organization, the team and the individual employee so you can identify realignment for success.
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