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Cenveo, Inc.
"I received several very positive comments about your facilitation. You made such a great impression on everyone and were so key to making this critical meeting an effective success. I am extremely pleased with how things went and the potential we have unleashed. It is time to deliver now, and I do think you've helped tremendously in getting us set on a course for success.  I hope we'll get the opportunity to work with you again and am confident we will."

"I looked for almost a year for the right fit (consulting firm). I spoke with over 6 companies before settling on you. I must say that from the very beginning you did what you said you would do. I have been extremely impressed with the truth and compassion that was delivered during the assessment period by your team. The results were more than I had hoped for. You helped Mechatronics move to the next level with double digit growth and much happier employees with a future. Mechatronics has and will always be a good place to be, but now we are on the road to being great. You truly helped us to “Build it Strong, Build it deep and build it to last. A sincere thanks!"

Entercom Broadcasting
"I am still implementing the main principles from your training in sales. Since your class I was 132% of goals in 3rd quarter  and am well over 200% of goal with 2.5 of it left to go. Thanks, I look forward to receiving more training from you."

KBSG 97.3 Radio
"I just wanted to thank you so much for the fabulous training I was lucky enough to participate in on Monday morning. It was the best hands-on, practical training I’ve received in a long time. I loved the video part of the training and the way you boiled things down to the essential, most useable presentation skills. You were great in getting the entire group to participate in everything. The contribution from everyone involved was extraordinary. Your personal relaxed way of doing the training made everyone open up, and it created a great learning environment. Thanks again!"

ScreenPlay, Inc.
"When I hired Eric Fry my company was in the worst sales slump in our 12 year history. In the year and a half Eric worked with ScreenPlay he completely rebuilt our sales force. He helped me identify what kind of salespeople we needed, where we could find them and he taught us how to interview and test them to ensure they were the right fit for the position and the company."

Bold Goals Global Inc. - Affiliate of The Pacific Institute
"It was your talented facilitation that brought us to the very appropriate name / brand change. I honor your gift and appreciate your contribution and spirit. More to come."

Fox Communications
"I’m good at working though challenges and coming up with ideas that solve every-day and futuristic problems.   We had a challenge at Fox communications that we struggled with for 3 months. You came in and pulled our team together, educated, motivated and guided us to an outstanding multi dimensional mission statement. You did in 3 hours what we labored over for 3 months! Thank you for your preplanning, professionalism and willingness to help establish our mission at Fox Communications. I look forward to developing an ongoing relationship."

Everett Chamber of Commerce
“Thank you so much for presenting to the Everett Area Chamber of Commerce today. Your program on the ‘10 People Principle of Empowerment’ was outstanding! Your presentation style was humorous, polished and extremely informative. Most importantly I have received several wonderful comments from the attendees.”

WARM 106.9 FM Seattle
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible contribution you personally have made to our success. You worked closely with me as our Sales Consultant to achieve our goal to double our billing. And we accomplished that. Now, we are 40% ahead of last year. And the market is less than 10% ahead of last year."

Kenneth Behm Art Galleries
“You set out on a two year goal of increasing our business by 30%. Our final numbers are in and we accomplished half of it this year, just according to plan. We finished as you know projected up by 15%! (Not bad against a national retail increase of only 1%.) I really feel that our past years of flat growth are over.”

Griffin Envelope Inc.
"I’d like to share the fact that we are having unprecedented growth (it now looks like a minimum of 30+% over last fiscal year) with comparable margins. The fact that we now  expect to have $1,000,000 months (monthly!) really summarizes it best.”

KJR fm 95.7 Radio - Clear Channel Seattle
“I wanted to take a minute and say thanks for such a great job in our training. So many times, I have invested in training and walked away, just hoping that there would be one thing that my staff could put into place to actually grow their business. You stepped up and hit the Home Run. My staff now knows the BFC, ‘Big Fat Claim’ and they put it into effect that afternoon. Our appointment rate has increased greatly because of it. In addition, we will do presentations at least monthly in our sales meetings, the door has been opened. Your humor along with passion has allowed my staff to look at themselves in a new way and get the extra ‘Schnazola’ ahead of the rest of the pack. The investment in time and money was well worth it. I'm a believer!”

Commander - U.S., Coast Guard Western Regional Recruiting Command Seattle Washington
 “My staff and I were truly impressed with the way you were able to customize your to precisely meet our needs. Your facilitation and presentation was superb! We have used these tools already to improve our recruiting results. Hoisting the signal flags Bravo and Zulu together means ‘Congratulations on a job well done?’ from one ship to another. You deserve a big Bravo-Zulu for your efforts! I hope to continue the relationship for years to come.”

Manager, The Boeing Company
 "What a wonderful class. I'd like to thank you for your instruction, guidance, support, advice and assistance during my learning experience. I've gained much from the group's experience and you were very instrumental to my learning experience. Thanks so much for sharing and working with me."

Creating Wellness
"This is so big for me and another huge honor that I have been recognized as a leader already. My energy is just through the roof every time I think about it!"

J Biteman - Restaurant Owner
"Coaching with Advantage Development got me to the underlying issues and really helped me move forward from a state of inactivity regarding both personal and professional growth. I am now focused on staying off of the "fence", which pushes me to pursue goals that previously were not within my grasp." 

Optical Illusions
"Eric, I just wanted to report on my success to you. My new mantra has worked! The point you made that really stuck was: Be the kind of person who means what they say, especially to yourself. I have always done well with that toward others - I just hadn't made the obvious corollary! Thanks for the Kick in the Pants!"

National Precision Bearing
"We booked and shipped way over our goal last month and are on pace this month to repeat that trend. Again, I can't express enough my gratitude for the tools that you taught me to use! You were certainly the catalyst that brought all this together for me, my team and the company. Thank you!"

US Business Interiors
" Eric & Jennifer know their material and can bring value to our team. Nice going! you surpassed my expectations. It was great to see everyone thinking and talking about their staff in terms of the DISC tool."

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